Online Learning frequently asked questions (FAQS)

How do I get the video lessons to play?

You need a computer or laptop with one of the following browsers: 

  • Microsoft & Internet Explorer with Windows 11 or Edge installed.
    • If this browser is completely up to date there shouldn’t be any video issues. If you are experiencing some you will want to go to Microsoft. Follow Microsoft’s instructions to be sure you are running the most recently supported Microsoft browser.

    • We do not recommend Windows 7,  8 or 10 for sufficient quality video streaming. The older versions of Windows browsers are being phased out. As a result, they tend to be problematic and need troubleshooting. Students report repeated timing out and lagging using this browser. To solve this problem, please visit Microsoft and install an updated browser.

  • Microsoft & Mozilla Firefox
    • This browser needs plug-ins to run. The plug-in container out to the left will tell you if it needs to be updated. The flash player is essential for proprofs to stream video.

    • This browser has proven to be the most sufficient and stable for our students. It tends to be easier to troubleshoot and supports JAVA and FLASH with ease making the video stream with a faster buffer and no complaints of lagging video.

  • Apple & Safari  or Apple & Mozilla
    • Mobile Devices

    • We have found that most Android and Apple devices will support all of Proprofs functions as long as they are properly installed, kept up to date, and used to access Proprofs. *** To use these browsers a purchase may be required

  • Other systems and browsers

What can I expect when ordering an online course?

Upon ordering your class, you will receive the following:

  • An email will be sent to you from our online course portal, Proprofs. It will be sent by our Proprofs System Administrator Brittany Burns.

  • That email will contain a link to the course, your username, your password, and the instructions for the exam with a due date. Exam due dates are set 45 days after the date of the email.

  • The course link will include a viewable and download version of the syllabus, all of the video lectures, and the online exam.

  • Additionally, it will include a viewable copy of the text book if Christian Life Publishers (CLP) prints the book. If CLP does not print the book it will be mailed to you upon receiving course payment.

How do I download the course syllabus?

  1. Log into Proprofs using the link from the email you received from the system administrator, Brittany Burns,. That email contains the link to your proprofs page, username and password.

  2. Go into the course you want to download from and click: “DOWNLOAD COURSE MATERIALS HERE”

  3. You should now see the file name and a BLUE ARROW pointing down.

  4. Click the blue arrow. This begins the download process.

  5. Go to the location where all of your computer’s downloaded files are saved to locate your file.

  6. Test the file to ensure it opens for you. If the file will not open please delete the file and try again. Sometimes restarting your computer resolves the problem.

  7. After opening the file, save to a location on your computer or network for access later.

  8. If you cannot get the file to download and open please contact Brittany Burns.

Can I print the textbook?

No, the textbooks are viewable files only. Printing is authorized by Christian Life Publishers and the author of the book. If you would like a printed copy of the book CLICK HERE.

How long will I have access to my online courses?

You will have access to your online courses as long as you stay active and have your login information. If you lose your login information, email Brittany Burns.

How do I get technology help with Proprofs?

Read the FAQs pages and/or email Brittany Burns.

Student Resources

Need support or have questions?

Technical questions? Contact the Education Technology & Distance Education Director, Brittany Burns,

Questions about grades or course materials? Contact Director of Education Support Services, Dr. Virginia Cornett,