CLST Global will be celebrating 35 years of effective Christian higher education in 2018. During all these years we have sought to be faithful to the vision with a commitment to equipping and training powerful kingdom leaders in and through the church. Without apology we have always been “non-traditional” while seeking to keep up-to-date content and delivery options.

Recently, education reports (e.g., “Inside Higher Education,” Dec. 20, 2017 and The Chronicle of Higher Education, “The New, Nonlinear Path Through College.”) have told the story of steadily declining enrollments in higher education. College enrollment peaked in 2010 with a total USA enrollment of just over 21 million, and has been declining ever since. Last year alone the college student population declined by almost 225,000. The reasons are fairly easy to understand. High school graduating classes have been declining since 2010 while the cost of higher education has continued to climb. Many simply can’t afford a traditional college education and others don’t want to be left with a huge student loan debt after graduation. This trend has caused several colleges to merge or just close, while many campuses are being forced to cut back programs and faculty.

At the same time, enrollment is increasing in some programs. The enrollment of non-traditional adult students, students seeking professional development, and students in online programs are increasing. As it turns out, these are the very students CLST Global seeks to serve. It is increasingly clear that the quality, flexible and affordable Christian higher education programs and resources offered by CLST Global are God’s unique provision “for such a time as this.” We are uniquely positioned to serve non-traditional adult students and those seeking professional development from a Christian perspective. And we are continually developing our ability to provide content in digital formats. We are what today’s students need, whether or not they know it!

So, it is with great confidence that we move into a New Year, understanding our ability to serve the Body of Christ in a vitally important and effective way. We are here to serve you, whether you are an individual student or part of a local church based class. Let us know how we can serve this year and equip you for the best year of higher education ever!